The "Iuliu Maniu" Technical College from its beginings

The documentary testify of the school is from 1886 with the name of Professional School. In time it had a series of changes due to the evolution of the Romanian society.Thus, in 1953 it passes under the tutelage of The Regional Direction of The Work Resources from Oradea, and from 1956 passes under the guidance of The Popular Conference of the Crisana Region, with the name of Crafts School.

Starting with 1964 it functions as Professional School, and from 1974, by means of the 354/1974 Decree, The Simleu Silvaniei Mechanical High School is established.

Between 1978-1989 the high school had the name of Metallurgy Industrial High School. After 1989 the name of the high school was changed into The "Iuliu Maniu" School Group, and since 2004 it has the name of The "Iuliu Maniu" Technical College.


Iuliu Maniu - the spiritual master of the college

Romanian politician, president of the Romanian National Peasants’ Party. Born in Transylvania (in the village Badacin, at 5 km away from Simleu Silvaniei), he helped organize the Romanian National Movement before and after World War I. In 1918 he lead the Romanian provisional government. As prime minister from 1928 to 1930, he suggested liberal reforms, which were soon abrogated by King Carol II. He was briefly prime minister again between 1932-1933. Maniu opposed the dictatorship of King Carol II and general Ion Antonescu. Denounced as a reactionary by the Communists, he was convicted of treason in 1947 and was given a life sentence. He was unofficially reported to have died in prison.